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Barnes Family: Bigger and Better!

The latest chapter of the Finally Barnes series is out NOW! As you may have seen, the Barnes family grew by TWO this March. Congrats to our bosses Matt and Stacy! To welcome the newest set of twins, we have a video to announce their arrival and their fabulous names. Listen in to find out!

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Instagram Stories: Mastering the Basics

Instagram stories have massively increased in popularity since their addition to the app in 2016. The story format evolves almost monthly. How can we keep up and take advantage of this valuable tool? Check out our tips below to build a solid story foundation!

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Meet Mariama and Kendall!

We are pleased to welcome not one but TWO new spring marketing interns to Rogue! Mariama and Kendall have joined the team this season to share their video and photo editing talents with us. These seasoned editors spent their undergraduate days around the camera, and we are so excited to see what we’ll create with them!

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