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2019 Marketing Trends

Happy New Year! The marketing world is gearing up for a new year and with that comes new trends and technologies! If we’ve learned anything from 2018, our old favorites might not be making the cut into next season (horizontal videos and images?! It’s time to say goodbye!). Check out our list below of some major trends to prepare your business for in 2019.

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How To Write Great Blog Content

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a blog. Whether it’s a friend who talks about her summer travels, a coworker who blogs about baking, or even your grandma may have a blog about crafting. So how do you make your blog stand out from everything else that’s trending on the internet?

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#InstagramStalker 101

Social media “stalking” is the newest way for anyone to figure out what your brand represents, what you’re selling and how you do it, before even meeting you. Your Instagram and Facebook might be your only chance to impress a possible new customer… kind of like how it’s your new “resume” for potential employers, who are looking at (and let’s be honest, forming an opinion of) your profiles for the type of person or brand that you are.

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How to Make Videos go VIRAL By Law Jackson

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with one of our Rogue Freelancers… Law Jackson. With over 15 years of experience in professional animation, Law is a storyteller just like us! He primarily works with animated videos and is quite the expert in making videos go viral online!

We’re proud to share a study guide that Law created about the “Anatomy of a Viral Video”, to help us all better understand how online videos go bonanza. Within the video is a breakdown of exactly what it takes… (it’s a lot more than you think!)

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