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The Copywriting Process

One sentence can speak volumes. Copywriters consider how and why they write content that may appear in a printed or digital ad, a blog for a website, social media posts, or a webpage about your brand. In short, a copywriter develops content for a brand, so every word positively develops the brand’s message. Copywriting walks hand in hand with public relations, content creation, advertising and marketing.

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Meet our new Content Writer, Taylor!

Meet Taylor Bolanos: copywriting wizard, bookworm… and now a Rogue Creative Development employee! Originally part of our Freelance Network writing blogs and social media content for some of our clients, we saw the passion and expertise she brought to her work and really just wanted her to be around more often!

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How To Write Great Blog Content

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a blog. Whether it’s a friend who talks about her summer travels, a coworker who blogs about baking, or even your grandma may have a blog about crafting. So how do you make your blog stand out from everything else that’s trending on the internet?

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