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How to Create a Kick-Ass Social Media Ad

Promotional deals and ads can drive interest, clicks and hopefully build your audience. But how do you develop the right advertisement for your brand, and more importantly, how do you get that ad in front of the right people?

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The King of Social Media Content: Video

Anyone in the marketing industry will tell you videos continue to perform better and better, outpacing photography. If you’ve seen our previous blogs, you’ll know that vertical video format specifically is taking over. Whether portrait-oriented videos are selling a product or showcasing a celeb, they’re getting bigger and better across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. But why is video (in any format) so important?

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Instagram Stories: Mastering the Basics

Instagram stories have massively increased in popularity since their addition to the app in 2016. The story format evolves almost monthly. How can we keep up and take advantage of this valuable tool? Check out our tips below to build a solid story foundation!

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