The King of Social Media Content: Video

Anyone in the marketing industry will tell you videos continue to perform better and better, outpacing photography. If you’ve seen our previous blogs, you’ll know that vertical video format specifically is taking over. Whether portrait-oriented videos are selling a product or showcasing a celeb, they’re getting bigger and better across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. But why is video (in any format) so important?

A major element to mastering Instagram’s algorithm (the formula that may keep some of your favorite accounts pushed to the bottom of your news feed) is your post and account engagement. This goes beyond individual posts with opportunities for even more interactions. While likes, questions, polls, comment sections, visits to your profile, and more will drive your engagement rate up, thus boosting your content on feeds, they don’t determine success entirely.

The length of time someone views your posts is KEY. While someone may skim over your photo and caption, maybe even acknowledge with a quick like, a video could keep them there for several crucial seconds. If we take this concept and use it on other social media outlets, it makes sense. It’s easier to quickly tap through or swipe past photos.

So what does this mean? Using any method to keep viewers on your post longer will improve your engagement rate and have them coming back for more quality content. Video just happens to be the hottest right now. Take advantage of this trend and display your video skills!