For Immediate Release: Rogue Creative Development Under New Control


As of today, April 1, 2019, the company formerly known as Rogue Creative Development will be known as Pickle Creative Development.

As you probably already know, Rogue Creative Development (and the other Rogue companies) were named after Matt Barnes’ French Bulldog, Rogue. Last month, Rogue Copywriter Taylor Bolanos began bringing her new dog Pickle into the office on a regular basis. As Rogue and Matt were often out of the office for the birth of Matt’s new twins, Pickle saw an opportunity to make some changes and immediately pounced. (As dogs will do.)

The takeover was hostile and swift. 

"This is just the beginning of many, many changes,” said Pickle who immediately appointed Aubree Vanderhoeven’s new dog Midge as her number two. "While I barely tolerate Midge, I am willing to accept her assistance in booting out the humans and Rogue or whoever that other dog was.”

Pickle’s first move was to fire every member of the Rogue team who had ever shown any affection for Rogue including her owner, Taylor.

“We look forward to a bright new future for this organization without those losers,” Pickle said. “April 1st is the perfect day to begin this new reign of terror... I mean, new season.”

According to an insider, Pickle has begun plotting the takeovers of Rogue Aviation and The Rogue Creatives Foundation in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Rogue has gone on the record saying that she is considering all of her legal options. “Expect a lawsuit in the coming days,” she told us. Due to the level of her ADD and her propensity to take naps instead of work, we don’t expect this lawsuit to materialize any time soon.