6 Tips to Writing Quality Captions for Social Media


Ever find yourself at a loss for words when it comes to writing captions to post on Instagram or Facebook? It’s called writer’s block… don’t worry, it happens to everyone. We’re here to remind you of what to be mindful of when that writer’s block shows up, and what tools you will need to keep your followers and friends engaged and informed on your social media accounts!

We’ve formulated a fool-proof list of six tips and tricks for you to get started on writing high-quality captions for your social media posts, and to most importantly… to stand out to your audience!


1. Who is your Target Audience? Figure out what your followers like and dislike. What posts have gained the most attention? Being mindful of who your market is will help you create posts they actually want to see!

2. What’s your Brand Voice? Once you know who your audience is, hone in on your voice and tone. It’s important to speak the same language as your followers and customers. It’ll help you to better communicate and identify with them, and it’ll also help them better identify with you. Whether your voice is witty, comical, energetic or maybe kind, you will always want to be authentic. Imagine your brand or company as an actual person, and imagine what type of voice they would have?

3. Be Engaging. Bring your followers into your story. Engage with fun polls on your Instagram stories or even questions in the post captions.  Have fun with it and try to engage with your followers as much as possible by replying back. Open up the floor to them in order to get feedback or an immediate response.

Adobe’s Instagram account is a good example of this by featuring different artists’ work to promote their products.


4. Be Clear. If you want them to click on a link, or go to your website, you have to tell them what to do! It’s called a “call to action”. If you’re too abstract, vague, or just plain too cool, you may lose attention real quick.

Warby Parker does a good example of using a strong “call to action.


5. Get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush, keep your captions short, sweet and to the point. Again, just be authentic, and honest!

6. Have fun with Hashtags! Hashtags are a good way to generate more engagement and traffic to your post from people who aren’t already following you! So try to be very specific, local and relevant with your hashtags, nothing too broad. They can create a good sense of community and also help promote your brand or company.

We found that Taco Bell does a good example of that using the hashtag, “#NachoFries” to promote their new product.  


So go out there into the social media realm and have some fun! There’s so many different ways to curate a high-quality caption for social media. Keep learning with us and you’ll be well on your way to writing stellar captions for any social media platform.  


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