2019 Design Forecast


With 2018 ending and 2019 just beginning, we thought it’d be fun to share a few of our 2019 design predictions!

With the increased speed of communication and constant advances in technology, design trends continue to change and evolve, making it difficult for trends to maintain popularity for prolonged periods of time.

What makes a trend stand out? It’s all about improving the user experience! If a purposeful trend improves how users interact with the design, they tend to stick around much longer than most short-term, impractical trends.

Here are some of our favorite design predictions for 2019. We have included new ones as well as classics.

Design Predictions

1) Digitization of handwork

Authenticity and uniqueness will continue to thrive in 2019. With papercut illustrations or different layers of paper elements, designers create depth and texture. Many designers, including our own at Rogue, use digitized hand drawings to make their brand feel genuine and approachable rather than corporate.

2) 3D Design

With evolving technologies, designers have been able to create amazing and immersive 3D art. Three-dimensional concepts create highly engaging representations of products.

    1. Artist Vasjen Katro, also known as @Baugasm, creates stunning 3D poster series with neon colors and abstract shapes.

    2. Through text and textures, Jacob Eisinger, @yippiehey, builds 3D worlds and characters you can almost feel at your fingertips.

    3. http://baugasm.com/


3) Asymmetric and unusual layouts

Open compositions have gained increasing popularity as designers have started using more open and airy layouts that only show a part of the whole picture. This trend is achieved in both web and print designs and uses the popular grid layouts to create unusual shapes and sizes on the grid

    1. Photographer and Director Mathieu Levesque’s website is a great example of open composition and how through the placement of text and spacing, he can create a dynamic user experience.

4) Animation

Animation provides more context for users and boosts engagement with animated, unique characters. Motion encourages user engagement and viewers are more likely to continue reading.

    1. Sven Hauth, also known as pixeldoggy, creates stunning short advertisement animations for companies like Adidas and Audi. Check out some of his work here!

Color Predictions

1) Gradients

Gradient colors have been thriving in 2018 and that will not change for 2019. Designers will continue using gradients in combination with other design trends to create modern and interesting designs.

    1. Baugasm continues to wow us with dynamic color gradients that are almost futuristic in design.


2) Vivid Colors

Right along with color gradients, designers will continue using vivid and futuristic  color schemes that transport viewers to an alternate universe and provide viewers with a refreshing change from the popular minimalist color schemes that have also been gaining popularity in 2018.

    1. Tim El-Helou’s photomanipulation creates stunning graphics that viewers cannot help but take a second look at. Check out his manipulation tutorials on YouTube for a closer look.

3) Metallic colors and highlights

  1. Metallic colors and highlights have recently gained popularity in 3D and packaging design as they exude a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

  2. Digital Artist and designer Katt Phatt takes metallic colors to a whole new level with her steampunk inspired card deck featuring bold golds and silvers. Check out her design process here.

Typography Predictions

1) Outline Typography

As type gains more popularity as the main design element, outline typography will shine in 2019 as designers choose bold and big type that stands out and creates more contrast against the background.

    1. Check out architectural studio Dot to Dot’s website for a great use of graphic and impactful outline typography.

2) Bold Typography interacting with design

We predict that bold typography will gain increasing popularity in 019 as designers will create impactful graphic designs where the typography interacts with real-life objects and people. Websites will feature bigger and bolder headers to encourage visitors to stay and engage with the information and bold and big text will start overtaking photographs as the main design element.

  1. Designer Eric Hu does an incredible job of using typography as the main element of his designs in companion with color and contrast. The masthead design for Mold Magazine below uses spacing to gather interest.


So… What now?

Be aware of these trends; study, understand and learn from them. Continue to be forward thinking rather than conform to every new design trend. Good design should improve user experience and have lasting appeal. Also, pay attention to who exactly you are designing for. Who is the client and what are they looking for? What message/story are they trying to tell?

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