2019 Marketing Trends


Happy New Year! The marketing world is gearing up for a new year and with that comes new trends and technologies! If we’ve learned anything from 2018, our old favorites might not be making the cut into next season (horizontal videos and images?! It’s time to say goodbye!). Check out our list below of some major trends to prepare your business for in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been making its way into our social media. With the use of Siri, Alexa, chatbots on individual sites and more, we are gradually letting AI handle information delivery. This is important for two reasons: AI can be a great tool on your website. Automated chatbots can answer basic questions without customers waiting all day for a reply. Second, AI will determine what is important for us to know. Not only is it important to be conscious of search-engine optimization for online purposes but for the results that pop up on consumers’ phones. Prime spots are in the top five, whereas other results usually need to be manually searched. The right keywords and a chatbot on your website can push you in the right direction with this trend and keep your customer’s super happy with quick customer service!

Vertically-Created Content

Before Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat took over information sharing with live video and stories, videos have typically been filmed and edited horizontally. With the continued increase of the vertical video format, vertical ads are becoming more and more prevalent, specifically optimized for placement between Instagram stories and Snapchats. While main feeds still see horizontal videos, the vertical video won’t be going away anytime soon. So what does this mean? Take the time to shoot and edit your photos and videos in both portrait and landscape formats. It may be tedious, but it will allow you to share your content and ads on more platforms.

Video Marketing

Print ads are slowly phasing into oblivion. If you want to grab attention, high-quality videos that capture your brand and the lifestyle of your product will set you apart from wordy, boring content. If you need to incorporate text, keep it direct! This is the perfect opportunity to “show not tell.” If your video shows an experience, it will speak for your product or service.

Influencer Marketing

If you really want your brand to get noticed, collaborations with Instagram’s popular public figures may be just the trick. Influencers, from celebrities, bloggers, athletes and more, showcase products and brands to sometimes millions of followers in paid and non-paid sponsorships. Is your audience also interested in lifestyle bloggers or stylists? A recommendation from an influencer can broaden your brand’s appeal and trust. Research your audience. Who does your target audience admire? Who do your clients take inspiration from? Those are the people you want to collaborate with.

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