How To Master Social Media


Social Media is a constantly changing world and if that scares you, it should! Being aware of your audience and staying up to date on social trends is very important when trying to build a social presence. If you are willing to learn and adapt with the ever-evolving Social Media platforms, you’re already ahead of the game. Here are a few tips to help you get started or help improve your current Social Media presence!


  1. Instagram is a visual journal. Your post can be anything from your hike in Italy to your morning breakfast cereal! Instagram can be anything you want it to be, but still needs to be interesting. What are you doing? Where are you and who are you with? You can always include text or tags to spice up your photos. Engage your followers with a question or interactive poll.

  2. Take your time when editing your photos and creating a caption. Consider who is looking at your posts and determine what point you are trying to get across. The photo should make your reader stop, but the caption needs to be interesting and thoughtful to keep your reader reading! Make sure you are adding something valuable or helpful to your reader’s life.

  3. When choosing hashtags, be aware of banned hashtags or hashtags that have a lot of posts already on it’s feed. This could make your posts disappear in the mass of Social Media. Do your research and choose relevant and local hashtags to boost engagement!

  4. Be smart when creating your bio. Make sure to include all of your business information as well as some personality to keep things fun. If you have a website or online shop, direct visitors by putting the link in the website field of your bio. If you have a physical location that people can visit, put your address in your bio, or a phone number… whatever is the best and easiest way for people to contact you or visit you, make sure they can easily find it!

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  1. Twitter is all about short and concise bites of information. However, this does not mean to tweet every detail of your day (unless you’re at an event, and you’re using Twitter to update your followers of all the amazing details at said event). Tweets should still serve a purpose and be interesting!

  2. When using a hashtag that is trending, your tweet is likely to show up in more places than you expect. This means better engagement and potentially more followers and likes. Also, if you ask any sort of question, or follow up your tweet with a required response, you are more likely to actually get responses!

  3. Don’t just tweet headlines and links to articles. You have a voice! Be considerate regarding your words and know your audience. Links allow the reader to know more information, but give them a reason to click your link! Whether that’s an interesting caption to entice the reader to click or a cool photo that will catch their eye in the feed.

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  1. When using Facebook, it is great to keep things simple! Anything posted should be to the point and always include a call to action. If you are selling something, be sure to include a photo or video that highlights your product and what is so great about it.

  2. If you are including a link on your post, make sure there is just one and paste it in BEFORE uploading any photos. This will allow Facebook to auto-generate a picture from the link’s destination page and will make that picture a link. This makes it easier for your readers to click on the big picture link, rather than a “plain” link in the text. Once auto-generated, you are also able to change the picture by uploading a new one, or including more pictures to create a carousel picture post.

  3. Engage with other Facebook accounts within your industry! Liking other pages and posts will make you more visible on their feeds. This will also help with potential networking and collaboration opportunities, and expand your Facebook audience.

  4. Don’t oversell and don’t undersell! Be consistent with posting but also mix it up. We suggest choosing 5 themes to post about, including your business and products. Other content themes can include links to other articles that relate to your business, fun personality posts that will allow readers to get to know you and blog posts from your own website.

  5. Choose a profile picture that is recognizable. If you have a business logo, use that! If your business is you, choose a nice photo that can be used across all platforms to look uniform. Have a cover photo that is engaging, and also use this space to advertise your business website or whatever you are trying to campaign at the moment. Lastly, definitely use Facebook’s call to action button below your cover photo to direct your followers to your website!

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With all of this in consideration, what do your followers want to hear and see? Taking a look at your Social Media analytics can help you define your target demographic and conducting market research will help you find out what they are interested in learning more about.

LASTLY, remember: quality is better than quantity and BE HUMAN! People want something they can relate to and communicate with.

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