Who Rogue Is and What Rogue Does!


We are creative storytellers!

Rogue Creative Development is a team of like-minded creatives that market businesses and people through creative services. In other words, we tell people’s stories! Some of our services include photography, full-production cinematography, design, and social media. We embrace any challenge to market for our clients and will work with you to find the most effective way to grow your business. Our focus is using our skills to bring people into your story in a compelling way!

We thrive on creativity and we want to share your story! We want to let you focus on what you do best and let us take care of making you look great while you do it! Rogue offers customizable Social Media Membership Plans designed for any type of business. This means you are able to pick and choose what services you want, all with a membership discount! In addition to social media, if you are in need of web design, logo design, cinematography or photography, social media marketing, scripting, copywriting, animation, podcasting or strategic development for your business or project, visit our portfolio to find out more!

With years of experience in photography and videography, Rogue Creative Development has started a new venture… Rogue Aviation: the aerial video and photo production branch of our company! It’s your one-stop-shop for everything from concept, pre-production, flying/shooting, editing and delivery. Using our RED Camera, Rogue has been able to produce high-quality cinematography. Helena (our Robinson R66 Turbine Marine helicopter) is equipped with the GSS C516 5-axis gimbal, RED Weapon 8K S35 and Angeniēux Optimo Style 25-250mm. (And if you have no idea what any of that means, watch for our upcoming RED Camera Workshop teaching all about how to use the RED Camera, record, edit and even how to pronounce Angeniēux!) Check out some of our first videos created on the RED camera on our new Rogue Aviation website… www.flyrogue.com!

These are just some of the services we offer our clients but we have so much more to offer! We can provide a wide range of creative services because of our extensive network of freelance designers and creatives. If you have any questions about what we do (or what we can do for you!), do not hesitate to…