NOOMA // Fitness Focused Video Project


NOOMA is an organic electrolyte coconut water drink, created by two hockey playing brothers who just weren’t satisfied with any of the other sports drinks on the market. So they did what anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit would do … they created their own! And seriously, it’s tasty! Our favorite, the Watermelon Lime, was super refreshing on the shoots and the Chocolate Mint is so good… it’s almost like dessert!

The drinks are such a hit with fitness fanatics everywhere, that NOOMA recently became available to purchase in all Whole Foods Markets across the nation! With the exciting launch of their drink in stores, NOOMA asked us to create a video series of sports professionals actually using it!

We’ve all seen good fitness videos before. They can either inspire us to get out and do more or overwhelm us with goals we can never attain. We really wanted to hit that middle ground that fitness can be and is fun! That is what the good people at NOOMA are all about: Community of over competition! Keeping that in mind, we wanted to give them something unique to them that could stand out among the rest of the sports videos out there. We planned out nearly every single shot and exercise to give us seamless transitions into the next frame, providing a solid sense movement throughout each video in this series.

We worked with some crazy-talented fitness professionals including spin instructor, Mariya Spektor of Bike 2 The Beat; gym owner and personal trainer, Jacob Barrena of Elite Physique Fitness; and lastly a phenomenal yogie and instructor, Michelle Weinhofen.

We certainly had a blast on this video series! In fact, we had so much fun that we created a few gifs and cinemagraphs!

Including this gem…

Check out some of the stills we were able to extract out of the RED Weapon… that Helium 8K sensor is no joke!


If you would like to view more of our Cinematography work, please visit our portfolio here!