Stories Worth Telling

Storytelling is at the heart of human history. Stories are passed from generation to generation… why? Because stories hold meaning and value for us. They tell us who we are and where we’ve come from. They teach us to learn from our mistakes and grow both as individuals and as a culture. In short, stories are worth telling!

As a company that has built our entire business on effective storytelling, we are passionate about finding stories worthy of your ears. We are determined to tell every story in refreshing and intriguing ways. We seek out stories that captivate and speak to us, because we know that those are the stories that customers want to hear.

In our pursuit of finding those stories, we have created a project series called WORTH TELLING. We wanted to remind ourselves and others that there are stories worth telling all around us. We began with our friend, musician and frequent collaborator, Jerad Atherton. We’ve worked with Jerad to create unique soundtracks for some of the videos that we produce for clients. As one of the most talented people we know, we recognized that his is a story worth telling.

This is our first installment in the WORTH TELLING series, and we can’t wait to share more! Please enjoy and leave us a comment if you love it! We’re always on the hunt for a good story, so if you want to nominate someone to be highlighted in our WORTH TELLING series, contact us here and let us know!