BRASA Rotisserie is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that, BRASA Rotisserie, a brand new restaurant in Santa Ana, California, is now officially open for business! BRASA was created by the son and daughter duo, Victor and Francesca Begazo, who came from the family-owned franchise, Inka Mama’s! From their many years of experience managing their family’s restaurants and learning from their Peruvian culture, these siblings had a vision to bring families and friends together with their unique versions of their favorite Peruvian classics! From their famous BRASA Rotisserie Chicken to their one-of-a-kind sandwich combinations, you can now enjoy it all daily from 11AM to 9PM, located right across the street from South Coast Plaza!

Rogue Creative Development has been especially honored to serve as the Marketing Team behind this exciting endeavor! As their Marketing Team, we handle all of their Social Media, Web, Video, Photo and Design needs. For their Grand Opening on February 8, we were able to capture the energy and excitement of this long awaited day. And of course we stuffed our faces and enjoyed one of the most delicious lunches we’ve ever had! (Seriously... go try the chicken; there is nothing like it!)

Watch the video above and check out the photo album below! You can follow BRASA Rotisserie at @eatbrasaoc on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! They’re hosting an Instagram Photo Contest for the first month of opening and giving one lucky winner a different prize each week! Follow them for more info!