Worth Telling: Featuring Siemon & Salazar

We are so excited to share this new Worth Telling video, not only because we got to work with our awesome and super-cool neighbors, Siemon & Salazar, but because it was the first official use of our new RED Weapon 8K Helium! As our third installment in this series, we can’t wait to introduce you to the amazing glass-blowing talents of Siemon & Salazar.

Based in Santa Ana, California, Siemon & Salazar was founded by married couple, Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar. They met at the Rhode Island School of Design, with Caleb focusing on glass and Carmen on sculpture. After apprenticeships, travels, and honing in their skills, they came together with friends to build their own glass blowing studio here in California.

Much of the Siemon and Salazar inspiration comes from the place in which they live and work. “We always start with an idea, but remain flexible to allow for the natural qualities of the material,” says Caleb. “The element of the unknown has always attracted me to glass, and to California, for that matter,” says Carmen. “There’s a tangible sense of adventure, as well as beauty, layered within the landscape. We try to embrace that.”

For us at Rogue, watching them work is like watching magic! Glass-blowing is a beautiful and strange process for those not acquainted with it and it is absolutely mesmerizing! We were dripping in sweat after filming in their super hot studio on an already hot July day! The RED Weapon paired with our Cooke S4i mini primes proved to be the perfect tools to capture this unique experience. Shot at full 8K in 60fps and outputted in 4K. Be sure to watch on Vimeo in the 4K setting! 😬


To learn more about Siemon & Salazar and view their beautiful glass… go here!

If you know someone (or ARE someone) who would be perfect to add to our WORTH TELLING series, please contact us here!

Special thanks to our good friend Jon Bennett on some cinematography help with this shoot!

🎼 Music by CHPTRS available on iTunes  (whose own “Worth Telling” video can be seen here!).