Jody McBrayer: Live, Acoustic and Up Close!

You may already know Jody McBrayer. If not, trust us when we say he has a ridiculously awesome voice that could fill a concert hall! At least, that’s how most of us have experienced him. So, when we had the opportunity to partner with Jody for a show, we thought we’d do something a little different!

“Jody McBrayer: Live, Acoustic and Up Close!” is a show unlike any Jody’s done before! Taking place on Friday, August 11, at Rogue Collective, this is a one night only engagement! With a small, intimate setting, he will perform his most popular songs and a few that he just really, really likes. Not only that, but all of those songs will be stripped down and played acoustically by the amazing Jerad Atherton. (We also sold a “Duet Ticket” opportunity to sing with Jody and were surprised by who bought that ticket. You won’t want to miss it!!!)

This will be a night to remember! So, get your tickets today!