Sean Woolsey's Worth Telling

Rogue Creative Development’s Worth Telling series is a special, ongoing project that allows us to seek out creative talent and share their tales with the world. As our second installment in the series, we are excited to share with you, Sean Woolsey - Artist, Craftsman and Creative!

As you may already know, Rogue Creative Development is a team of storytellers. We are passionate about finding stories worthy of your time and attention and we are determined to tell these stories in refreshing and intriguing ways.

Sean Woolsey is a furniture designer, artist and craftsman living in Southern California. Several of us at Rogue have known Sean for a number of years and even have his art hanging in our homes! (He’s really good!)

With a focus on fine art and han-crafted furniture designed to last, he creates pieces of meaning that he is proud to share with his customers.

Without further ado…

To learn more about Sean Woolsey or to purchase his beautiful furniture… go here!

If you know someone (or ARE someone) who would be perfect to add to our WORTH TELLING series, please contact us here!


🎼 Music by Jerad Atherton (whose own “Worth Telling” video can be seen here!).