Meet Mariama and Kendall!


We are pleased to welcome not one but TWO new spring marketing interns to Rogue! Mariama and Kendall have joined the team this season to share their video and photo editing talents with us. These seasoned editors spent their undergraduate days around the camera, and we are so excited to see what we’ll create with them!

Mariama is definitely a people person! When she’s not playing music, she’s capturing her love of people and relationships with her camera. The current Vanguard Resident Assistant is inspired daily by the people around her, and she enjoys finding new ways to bring that energy to life on screen.

Recent Cal State Fullerton graduate Kendall is all about storytelling. When she wasn’t in front of the camera while anchoring for CSUF’s OC News, she was behind it! Kendall is moved by people and places; she enjoys bringing their stories to life through video and social media.

We’re really looking forward to the new ways we’ll tell stories this spring with two more sets of creative eyes! Want to see what they’ll come up with?
Follow us on Instagram @roguecreatives to see their work!