The Road Trip Games App is Ready for iPhone X!


Last year, we unveiled a game app like no other! The Road Trip Games App takes your favorite, classic, childhood car games and upgrades them to a 21st century interactive experience that you can play on your iPhone or iPad! Classics like Hangman, Dots & Boxes and the License Plate game get a whole new lease of life when passed around on a digital tablet! At last, the kids will be happy to play the Quiet Game on the road while you get to relax and enjoy the drive.

With the new iPhone X updates, we had the opportunity to optimize our game and make updates for better use on your phone and other devices! You can now play a new and improved Road Trip Games App. Enjoy updated features and faster integration with your gaming experience!

Have fun and get competitive as you travel across the state or country (or even in your own living room)! Just download the app for use on any of your Apple devices.

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