Meet our New Creative Director: Cory Hill


You may recognize this handsome face! He has been a part of the freelancer community with Rogue Creative Development for the last two years, and now he’s joining the team! We are SO excited to announce our NEW Creative Director, Cory Hill!

Cory has been in the creative freelance business for a decade, working on videography, fine art, graphic design and photography for clients near and far. (By far, we mean pretty far… as far as India!) With his extensive history and experience, we are delighted that his savvy creativity will be at the forefront of all our design and cinematography work.

If you would like to take a look at some of the work he has done as a freelancer, check out his VIMEO account here! Cory has also worked on many of the videos you see on our website as he has played a key role in shooting and editing a number of our video projects.

Cory is your go-to guy for video, photo and design aesthetics. As a storyteller Cory knows just what is needed to effectively captivate audiences of all sizes.

If you would like to chat with Cory, or to simply wish him a HAPPY FIRST WEEK WORKING AT ROGUE, send him an email here.

Learn more about Cory on our team page…