Vanguard University Interns Going Rogue!


We are so excited to announce our first Rogue Creatives Internship Program! We are now partnering with Vanguard University of Southern California to offer internship opportunities to their students! Through these internships, students will get hands-on experiences in design, web development, storytelling, video and social media marketing. (Oh, and college credit to graduate! Yay!)

Students will have the opportunity to work side by side with the Rogue team in our office and on real projects, while also developing professional and creative skills to carry with them long after graduation.

Our internship collaboration with Vanguard is connected with their Communications Department. Through this department, students pick a major of their choice and study public relations, communication studies, cinema arts or design. Vanguard’s Communications Department specifically looks for internships that will teach and develop each student beyond their Vanguard days.

We are proud to playing a part in developing soon-to-be graduates and helping launch them in that ever-so-scary (yet exciting!) jump from college to career. It is our hope that students take an internship with us doing something they are interested in pursuing as a career and graduate feeling better prepared to put their skills to use.

We are excited to welcome new interns to the Rogue Creative Development team each semester!

If you are a Vanguard student looking for a creative, hands on internship that you can both add value to and learn from, then Rogue is the place for you! We offer internships to students wanting to learn more in design, social media, photography, video, marketing and communications.

To get more information on how to apply for an internship with us, contact your department advisor or email us at