Fall 2019 Intern Search

The search for our next intern team is ON! As you head back to school for fall 2019, it might be time to consider your internship destination. Applications are now open! What can you expect from an internship with Rogue? Read more!

Our internship team revolves around self-starters. Initiative, creative thinking, and the ability to problem-solve are crucial traits. All interns are encouraged to expand their skills and join our creative discussions during weekly meetings and strategy sessions. We want to hear from bright, new minds! Ask questions. Make suggestions. Share wisdom! Plus, you’ll get to see what it looks like to work with real clients, in a real office, with a real team, WITH DOGS! Check out what a general day at Rogue looks like here.

A variety of majors and interests have a place on our team, and we always leave opportunities open for interns to overlap into new fields and test out their skills. Here are some tasks we assign our interns!

Marketing Interns

  • Create content for clients alongside our Social Media team

  • Daily management for social media accounts

  • Develop ads and strategy

  • Basic web development and maintenance

  • Blog copywriting

  • And more!

Video and Photo Interns

  • Edit social cuts alongside Creative Director Cory Hill

  • Support video and photoshoots

  • Experience aerial shooting (out of a helicopter), studio sessions

  • And more!

Design Interns

  • Design promotional material for events alongside Design team

  • Create engaging graphics for social media posts

  • Collaborate with Rogue team for overall branding and marketing materials for our clients

By the time you leave Rogue, we hope you’ll have added some great experience and skills to your resume. Need to hear this from an intern’s perspective? Read Sabrina’s testimonial!

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