May the Force Be with Rogue: Working on a Star Wars Project



We ARE the droids you’re looking for! This fall, we worked on the coolest project in the galaxy; we helped filmmaker Matthew Charles Hall bring his Star Wars fan short film to life for this year’s Star Wars Fan Awards! “Like My Father Before Me” (LMFBM) brings back everything great about the Star Wars universe: droids, the Force and some of our favorite characters from the films.

Rogue Creatives Owner, Matt Barnes was an Associate Producer on this project alongside Matthew C. Hall and his awesome team featuring William Hellmuth, Mike Senna and Gordon Tarpley. To top it all off, Tabitha Blessum, our amazing summer intern, edited the film! (She also edited our Mint 400 video, which you can watch here.)

The rest of the Rogue Creative Development team had a chance to use their talents by creating a marketing strategy, ads and social posts to promote the film and awards. We’re so proud of the finished project and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.

Watch Like My Father Before Me and vote for it in the Star Wars Fan Awards on

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