The #FlyRogue Crew goes from Set 2 Cine

It’s a little different being in front of the camera rather than behind it! Over the summer, the Set 2 Cine Youtube Series stopped by the Rogue Aviation hangar in John Wayne Airport to interview Rogue Aviation Co-owner and Pilot Matt Barnes and Camera Operator Cory Hill.

Hosted by Stephen Balsley and Sean Barnhill, Set 2 Cine is a great new segment from Maxx Digital, the OC’s resident photo and video storage experts. This series gives viewers behind-the-scenes style content with extra doses of humor (you’ve watched their Cutting Room Floor video with Rogue Aviation, right? It’s hilarious. Watch it HERE).

Catch the full video above to hear why helis are just so cool; by the way, they’re definitely better than drones.

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