OC Chrono Watch Collectors at Rogue Collective

This October, we hosted OC Chrono, a community of Orange County-based watch collectors and curators with a passion for style and tradition.

Throughout 2018, we set out to really expand our community involvement and engage with new organizations both small and large. We believe that networking expands creative opportunities and ideas. When we heard OC Chrono hosts monthly meetings for the watch community, we were eager to share our space with them.

“An analog lifestyle in a digital universe.”


Whether they meet at a car museum, pub or other unique venues, OC Chrono bonds over scotch and hundreds of watches on display. They always look to trade and share their interests with fellow watch lovers. As each meeting location changes, they maintain a bit of mystery and anticipation every month, and the only way to find out where they are meeting is by sending them a direct message on Instagram.


For the upcoming year, we are excited to host more community events and creative workshops. When you bring people together, stories happen.

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