Friendship Shelter's Brand Video

This fall, we worked with Friendship Shelter, a Laguna Beach-based shelter that helps homeless adults find housing and become self-sufficent, to create a brand video highlighting their amazing services in their community. Please watch the video above, which debuted at their 30th Anniversary Gala, and walks viewers alongside three stories of incredible life changes.

At Friendship Shelter, it’s all about the people. We really wanted to highlight the personal, life-changing impact as well as the bonds between volunteers, staff, mentors and the local community around the people they help. It was important for the video to show the heart that goes into the shelter’s work. By sharing the stories of these three people, this video gives a face to the positive results Friendship Shelter is providing in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities.

Since 1988, Friendship Shelter’s programs have established a community of residents who support each other and their goal toward self-sufficiency. Through their programs, the shelter’s facilities provide care for more than 160 people every night, and 87 people are housed in their permanent housing system.


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