Kicking Butt and Telling Stories!

Ahhh... our first blog post! We figured it was about time we started sharing a little bit about who we are and what we're doing around here!

First off... I'm Matt! (It's lovely to meet you. That's me with Aaron Sorkin up there. I put that picture there both to brag about the fact that I got to hang out with him and also because he's a pretty freaking great storyteller. But, mostly to brag.) I started this rollercoaster ride of fun a few months ago after doing creative work for other people for a long time. But, here's the thing... and this is important because it really fuels everything that we do here at Rogue... we didn't get into this just to design cool logos, t-shirts and websites or make rad videos. We got into this because we LOVE bringing people into the cool stories we come across using the tools we have to accomplish that. (Namely... designing cool logos, t-shirts and websites or making rad videos! Though we do other stuff too!) The opportunity to find something amazing and share it with other people is what drives us. Especially when we can find someone killing it at what they love and we can take the creative piece off their plate so they can focus on doing what they do best! I've been doing this for a while as a consultant in the areas of creative work, strategy, training and more, so it just made sense to bring it all together and do this full time. (Especially because I know some of the most talented creative people on the planet that can contribute to telling these stories in amazing ways!)

So, that's what we're doing here... kicking butt and telling stories! This blog will be a place to hear more about what we're up to, the stories we're telling, the creative geniuses I've surrounded myself with and maybe some thoughts on storytelling and creativity every once in a while as well. 

So, stick around... get to know us! Maybe we could tell your story!? Maybe you could bring your creative genius to the team. Who knows! 

Oh... and we want to get to know you too! Tell us who you are in the comments and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions about what you want to hear more about in the future.


matt barnes