10 Holiday Travel Survival Tips

We know it can be rough out there on the roads during this happy holiday season. Be prepared and be ready for anything Santa or his reindeer throw your way! We’ve compiled this Holiday Survival List so that you can be prepped for the worst on the long road trips ahead!

1. Mints - It’ll be hard to keep hygiene up to par stuck in a car on a long and winding road! Keep minty fresh with some mints on hand.


2. Snacks - obviously… lots and lots of snacks!


3. The Road Trip Games App - all your favorite classic games in one kid (and adult!) friendly app with fun and easy interaction! Download here now!


4. Headache help - for when the kids are having a little too much fun playing! (Though you can also play “The Quiet Game” built into The Road Trip Games App for some peace and quiet!)


5. Headphones - when you want to listen to something other than your kids 😏


6. Blanket - you always need something cozy and warm to snuggle up in on long trips.


7. Charger - you won’t want to leave without one! Keep those phones and iPads charged for maximum fun-time.


8. Hand Sanitizer - keep your mitts clean on the long roads ahead… you’ll need something to wipe away those snack crumbs!


9. Eye Mask - for some sweet shut eye once everyone gets tired from the most fun road trip ever.


10. First Aid Kit … just in case of emergencies!


Just remember… nothing is more important than keeping the kids happy and smiling! Have a safe journey to all of your holiday celebrations!