Guardians Of The Children Website Makeover

GOC website-0004.jpg

We’ve been dying to tell you guys all about the new website we created for an awesome local non-profit, Guardians Of the Children!

Guardians Of the Children (GOC) is a biker organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of children affected by abuse. GOC works directly with children, and partner with Children Advocacy Agencies, Victim Assistance Groups, and others to help raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse in our community.

We believe the backbone to any brand or company is their online presence. A huge part of building your following and finding people who are interested in learning about your story is creating and building a strong online authority, and that usually begins with your website!

When GOC came to us, we were so proud to help share and tell their story in the way that we know best… digital marketing through web and social media strategy! With everything that is going on in the world, we wanted to assist GOC in getting their message across to their local communities clearly and with intention. With an online brand refresh, it is vital to be authentic and hone in on the right brand voice that will help convey your values, history and mission.

Guardians Of the Children are a group of bikers that are adventurous, tough and fearless (bikers usually are…) but most of all, they have huge hearts for the children and communities that they serve! We wanted to bring all of these characteristics to their website and allow the viewers to really feel their boldness in the design and their genuine hearts in their story. This website’s purpose is not only to inform the public of what’s happening around them and to spark inspiration of change, but also to provide guidance and tangible help to those who need it.


By creating a new bold look for Guardians Of the Children, we believe the design aesthetics, font choices and even the colors of the website will help provide a clear understanding of who GOC is. The strategy behind the design was to not only make them look good, but we also designed the website flow to help lead website visitors to the correct page to take action. Whether they are an Orange County local that wants to learn more, someone who wishes to volunteer their time or money, or a family or child that is in need of help… each should be able to find their way to the appropriate contact or page that they need to see!

To tell the story of what they do and to help people like you and me find this amazing non-profit, we optimized their new website for SEO. This included some traditional SEO content development as well as creating a strategy they could use for creating new website pages, social media profiles, blog posts and any online outlet that would advance their searchability for people trying to find them! Now, their brand is cohesive and unified across all platforms online.

Check out the website we’ve created for Guardians Of the Children at and let us know what you think about it in the comments below! We’d love any feedback!