WORTH TELLING: Chef Jona of BRASA Rotisserie

Meet Jona Guijarro! He’s the Head Chef and mastermind behind all the delicious Peruvian-inspired dishes at BRASA Rotisserie in Santa Ana, California! We chose to focus on BRASA and Jona for our latest Worth Telling video because they’ve got some DELICIOUS food that needs to be shared with the rest of the world! They are also one of our agency’s social media clients and we are proud to represent them and share their story.

If you’ve never tried Peruvian food, GO NOW because it is amazing! BRASA Rotisserie is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant that has authentic Peruvian roots (the owners and head chef are all Peruvian!). Their culturally inspired dishes and flavors have excited them to re-create these classics with their own twist and invent new dishes with a Peruvian fusion. Their seasonal menu is full of new and crazy ideas that are focused on Peruvian inspiration as well as the changing of seasonal ingredients to use! Come by and try their dishes; there’s always something new and exciting to taste!

Learn more about BRASA Rotisserie at their website… www.eatbrasa.com!