Happy Thanksgiving!


I love Thanksgiving. When I was a kid, I loved it because, you know… food! (Lots and lots of food!) It wasn’t until I grew up a bit that I really began to embrace Thanksgiving for what it is: an opportunity to really reflect on the ways in which our lives our blessed. (Also, still an opportunity to eat a lot of food.)

I actually can’t believe how much has happened in the last twelve months. A year ago, Rogue Creative Development was a 10-month-old group of creative enthusiasts figuring out who we were as an organization. Today, after a year of exciting work and amazing projects, Rogue is doing what we do best: telling the amazing stories of our clients through video, social media, web, design and more! 

This year we’ve had the opportunity to work with fantastic organizations and individuals like BRASA Rotisserie, NOOMA, GSS, RED Digital Cinema, Jeffrey Court, SonicHealth, Jerad Atherton, ONA Bags, CASA of Orange County, Sean Woolsey, The Road Trip Games App, CHPTRS, Jody McBrayer, Nerdy Pop, The Longest Road, Siemon & Salazar, LOT318, Guardians of the Children (Orange County), Bros Before Rose and our new sister company, Rogue Aviation!

We’ve also worked with a bunch of amazing partners like Cory K Hill Productions, Compass Creative, Jerad Atherton, Jonathan Bennett, Anthony Fanelli, Rudy Rodriguez, Brittany Williams, Morgan Simpson, Patrick Santa Ana, Barberhaus Design Studios, Field Grey Studios, Christine Lawrence and more!

To everyone listed here and to our friends, family and the creative community we are so fortunate to be a part of, WE ARE SO THANKFUL!!!


Happy Thanksgiving and may you stuff yourself silly with amazing food!

- Matt and The Rogue Creatives Team