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Farewell to 2018

It’s pretty typical for people (including me) to say things like “this year went by SO fast!” when this time of year comes around. However, this year… it really doesn’t seem that way at all!

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Rogue Aviation shot the Mint 400

From March 7-11, our sister company Rogue Aviation, in collaboration with Armed Bandit Media were hired to capture some awesome footage of the Levi’s-sponsored Herbst Smith Fab Ford truck as it went for the gold during an insane off-road race in Las Vegas… the 50th Annual Mint 400! Rogue Aviation released their own video of the highlights. Check out the awesome content…

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Get Fly with the New Rogue Aviation Shop!

We at Rogue Creative Development are proud to announce our sister company Rogue Aviation has launched its first clothing line designed by yours truly! The brand new #FLYROGUE Store features soft t-shirts, the sleekest jackets and even accessories to finish the look. You’ll be ready for your first class or just some SoCal sunshine in no time!

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