Social Media Insights 2018 // The Importance of Engaging your Audience


The Importance of Engaging with your Audience on Social Media

Social media moves fast. We understand! (Pretty sure there’s something new we learn in the social media realm daily.) Even as experts, it’s an industry that moves and changes so quickly that we have to stay on our toes. We truly feel being an expert in this field really means foreseeing and staying up with the trends and changes while finding the best ways to implement trends within our customers’ business models and objectives!

As we go through 2018, you can bet the social media world will change yet again. We’ll be here to offer you a few tips and tricks to help along the way!

That being said, we want to share the importance of engaging with your customer comments on your social media channels.

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling that there are more comments and questions on a social media post than you have time to respond to?? (If you’re still growing your business and would love to have that feeling, take it as an opportunity to really hone in your customer engagement!)

Its okay. Take a deep breathe. Ponder on this question…

What does my customer really want to know and feel from my company?

The answer is surprisingly simple. They want to know that you see them as a name and not just a number. They want to be heard!

If your customer is commenting with excitement, awesome! They are pleased with the product or service you provided. Take the opportunity to share in their excitement and show your gratitude for their business.

If your customer is upset, still awesome! (Okay, maybe not so awesome that they are upset.) However, it is an opportunity to acknowledge their frustration and attempt to remedy it! In the eyes of your viewers, caring and making an effort goes a long way. Think of how you would handle an upset customer publicly and what that communicates to others who come across this conversation. It demonstrates that you are paying attention, you care, you are human and could have made a mistake (shocking, we know!) but you are taking the steps to make it right! Social media comments are modern day business reviews and hold similar weight as Yelp reviews these days.

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