Rogue Aviation at The Mint 400

A few weeks ago, our sister company Rogue Aviation, in collaboration with Armed Bandit Media, were asked to shoot the new Herbst Smith Fab Ford trophy truck, sponsored by Levi’s, in The Mint 400 race!

The Mint 400, also known as the Greatest American Off-Road Race in Las Vegas, Nevada is an adventurous, annual off-road race in the desert powered by Monster Energy Drinks!


Our owner Matt Barnes (also the pilot for ROGUE ONE) and Cory Hill (Camera Operator), got to fly out and shoot the race in the R66! Starting the day out of Henderson Executive Airport, they made their way over to the race and it’s nearest airport, Jean Airport, where the off-road race was staged. They were up in the air filming for a full six and half hours with three stops to refuel throughout the day. Though it was a very long aerial shoot, they had a ton of fun maneuvering through the desert air traffic… (lots of low flying helicopters were filming that day) and keeping up with the Levi’s truck!  

We can’t wait to see the final footage edited by Armed Bandit Media. Make sure to follow us and subscribe to our email list below to see it first!


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