It Might Be #Time2MoveOn

Hi again, This is Matt.

I love storytelling and am driven by innovation and opportunities for developing people and ideas. I'm always working on a number of projects and now I would like to introduce you to my new website:

This site is a place for me to share my new projects with you, like my new BlogCast! (Think "book on tape," but instead of a book, it's a blog and instead of tape, it's a podcast!)

It's for people who feel stuck or overcommitted and need some help asking the right questions to figure out what to do next and I’ve just launched it on my new website! Head over there and read or listen to the Introduction and Chapter 1! We were so excited we released two in one week but usually we will release one chapter per week, every Tuesday!

We’re excited to learn through this process and get to know more of you as we welcome you to comment and share your experiences that relate to the chapters! That’s why the name is literally a hashtag… just use #Time2MoveOn when you have something you want to share with the world!

So please, tell me your comments, concerns, stories or anything U2 related… I love U2! GO ahead and ask questions as you read (or listen) through the chapters, I will be going in depth, and answering any of your thoughts on another podcast episode that will be released on the website (and on podcast app/online etc.) every Thursday!