Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving is the time of year to take a moment and really consider… how much food you can eat in that moment. But, before we all get to stuffing our faces and mobbing Targets and Walmarts for Black Friday (I shop online, thanks!), I wanted to reflect on what we at Rogue Creative Development are most thankful for this year: 


It’s super-cheesy (I know), but the reality is, in this first 10 months of business, we’ve met some amazing clients, worked with some incredibly talented professionals and simply had a blast! We’ve experienced overwhelming support from friends and family (and even from strangers!) and learned a TON about using the tools we have to tell stories in compelling ways as a team. (I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you fit into at least one of the groups I listed!)

This year, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great organizations like BRASA Rotisserie, The Shop Forward, Hangar 24 Brewery, Ugly Christmas Sweater Kits, Can’t See Apparel, Jeffrey Court, JL Childress, Security First, CASA OC, Funraise, LOT318, Jay’s Catering and Ellie’s Table. We’re immensely grateful for the opportunities to tell the stories of these great people!

We’ve also worked with fantastic partners like Cory K. Hill Productions, Setter Studios, Compass Creative, Jerad Atherton, Jonathan Bennett, Rob Liefeld, Brad Claypool, Anthony Fanelli, Rudy Rodriguez, Grave Garden, Brittany Williams, Richard Miro, Morgan Simpson, Patrick Santa Ana, Barberhaus Design Studios and more!

THANK YOU to each and every one of these people! We really couldn’t have asked for more for our first 10 months!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Now… get back to eating! 


- Matt and The Rogue Creatives Team