What is BRASA?!? Well, let us enlighten you… BRASA Rotisserie is the brand new restaurant soon to open in Santa Ana, right across from South Coast Plaza Mall. The BRASA menu was inspired from the Peruvian flavors created by Victor Begazo and Francesca Begazo, the son and daughter duo that came out from the family-owned Peruvian chain restaurant, Inka Mama’s! From their extensive history and knowledge of their Peruvian heritage, the Begazo siblings created a new modern twist on their most traditional Peruvian dishes, such as Pollo a la Brasa, the main star in the new restaurant. Along with their famous chicken, they’ll have a great selection of meaty sandwiches, fresh sides, tasty homemade treats and craft beers and wines on tap! (We got to try some of the food at a recent photo shoot and, take it from us… it’s amazing!)

It wasn’t only BRASA’s authentic story that inspired us to work with them immediately. Their passion for food and being true to their culture by learning the traditional ways to cook Pollo a la Brasa in Peru, and using a specially imported, authentic, Peruvian oven to cook their chicken to perfection shows the devotion they have to their craft.

We believe in perfecting your craft, and we love to tell stories of people who love what they do. Check out this news release we wrote that was featured on the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce site, all about the story and history of BRASA Rotisserie!

We’re so excited for the opening of BRASA in Fall 2016! With the opening of their restaurant, we will be launching their website that we’ve been working on at www.eatbrasa.com. (Just a splash page for now… full site coming soon!) As some people who really love food, telling the story of these Peruvians’ most loved dish is truly an honor!

Enjoy these sneak peeks of their delicious grub you could be trying very soon! Follow us on social media and keep an eye out for #eatbrasa for updates on BRASA’s grand opening!