Aerial Photo Shoot for Rogue Aviation

20171004-RA-001-Air Shoot-022.jpg

Recently, we launched our sister company, Rogue Aviation. To prep for the launch and get all of our marketing assets ready, we went up into the air to do what we do best: capture awesome photos to tell the story!

We flew from John Wayne Airport (SNA) and went up the coast to Long Beach Airport (LGB) in our R66 ("Helena") and the R22 ("Miss Moneypenny"). Yes… we needed both helicopters, so that we could get some shots of the helicopters themselves!

We stopped at Long Beach Airport to switch ships, so that our photographer could really capture the art of flying in both helicopters!

If you want to do something similar to this, Rogue Aviation provides Photo Flights! They’re a lot of fun and a little adventurous as you’re riding in the helicopter with the door off. And, at an average range of 500-1000 feet off the ground, you can get that perfect shot!

20171004-RA-003-Air Shoot-077.jpg

Rogue Aviation has an R22 that can hold one rider (in addition to our pilot) and a larger R66 to take up to four additional riders!

If you want to take your own Photo Flight see more information here!