Taylor Bolanos

Content Writer


Former journalism major from the University of La Verne, Taylor spent years investigating and writing for campus publications; now, she writes blogs and social media posts for Rogue Creative Development as a copywriter! With an eye for detail and syntax, Taylor has always wanted to use her writing passion, cultivated since elementary school, to share stories about incredible people and places. Her goal is to educate the masses.

When she isn’t writing for Rogue or her own blog, Sunlight for my Thoughts, she reads fiction to pass the time between travel destinations. Taylor tries to find a new destination each month to spend a weekend exploring new places, from San Diego and Santa Monica to Denver and Las Vegas. Museums, boutiques, rooftop restaurants and independent bookstores are high on her trip itineraries.

Taylor currently resides in the suburb of Chino Hills, home of hillsides and dairies, with her chihuahua, Waffle.