Stacy Barnes

Owner & Strategist

(aka. "tells everyone what to do")

Stacy Barnes has years of experience telling people what to do and making sure that they do it. She's one of the rare people that can do that in a nice way, still get results and be loved by pretty much everyone. Most of her work has been in ministry at churches like Calvary Church Santa Ana (where she's worked for the past year) and ROCKHARBOR church in Costa Mesa (where she worked for the 8 years prior to that and established herself as a national expert in kid's ministry). With her background in Elementary Ministries and Creative Programming, she has a great mind for finding creative solutions to problems and managing the details of, well... everything! This makes her perfectly suited to managing the chaos at Rogue. (It's a good chaos... but the rest of the team is a little ADD. Or a lot.)

Stacy loves to surf in her free time and is a bit obsessed with her silver 2013 Toyota 4Runner (Trail Edition) that she named "Olivia." (Named for all the badass Olivias out there including, but not limited to, Olivias Benson, Dunn, Munn and Wilde.) Stacy likes social media, but is terrible at it. (Don't worry... we have other people for that.) She's also a world-class band geek who played the clarinet and the baritone saxophone. The "Barnes" in her name recently replaced "Igarashi" (an admittedly cooler last name) when Matt finally put a ring on it. She lives in Newport Beach with Matt, their amazing twins (McCoy Kobayashi and Violet Maru) and the real boss, Rogue.