Chief Motivational Officer

(aka "professional napper, queen bee & office bitch... literally")

Rogue has been Matt’s French Bulldog since 2009.  Being the inspiration for the name and logo of the various Rogue branded companies and projects has gone straight to her head.  She frequently roams about the Rogue Collective offices claiming to have a significant role in running the company.  In fact, she submitted the following for her bio…

“Arrrf! Arf, arf, arf. <Snort> Arf, arrrrf, arrrfff!!!.” 
(Google Translator: “I’m pretty much the most awesome French Bulldog of all time.  This is all mine, by the way.  If Matt keeps taking credit for all my ideas, I’ll pee in his shoes.  Let’s be honest… I probably will anyway.”)

Rogue did not want to sit still for those photos and still seems a little bitter about it.