Kelly Stewart

Creative Connections Director

(aka "drinker of all delicious red wines and lover of sparkles")

Kelly has many years of experience caring for clients needs and developing relationships so that everyone is happy with the results. 

Working with Nordstrom’s social media team, she gained valuable experience and insights on how to portray your brand image to the public eye and creatively solve any challenges that arise along the way. With a relational background, she is well equipped to hear each client's vision and help establish the brand personality on a variety of social media channels. 

Kelly also has a passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. She’s always been innately drawn to connecting with and getting to know others' life stories. After all, that's why she’s here: to connect with your story and share it!

In her free time, Kelly loves to frequent coffee shops (Yay Portola!) drink fancy red wines, make new friends and find new music both locally and internationally. Her favorite country she has visited is Switzerland. (Ohhhh, the chocolates!) 

And, most importantly... sparkles. Kelly loves sparkles! Ask her about her favorite Christmas present when you speak to her!