Cory Hill

Creative Director

(aka “master cinematographer and chocolate devourer")

Cory has been a creative freelancer for over a decade… creating, producing and editing photos, videos, and even a feature length indie movie! His passion for storytelling and producing videos has driven Cory all across the globe in search of his next passion project.

When Cory isn’t creating something awesome (which is rare) he’s often visiting his favorite country… INDIA! Cory has done lots of great work with Harvest India, an Indian-based NGO that seeks to serve the Dalit people of India. From producing amazing videos to highlighting the awesome work they do, Cory has been at the forefront of all their Communications and Media work.

Cory lives in Costa Mesa, CA with his wife, Carli and they are expecting to adopt two children this year from their favorite country, India! Other than his wife and India, Cory also loves chocolate, food from around the world, being outdoors and experiencing new things!