Introducing The Rogue Creatives Foundation

Meet our biggest launch yet: The Rogue Creatives Foundation

For the last two years, Rogue Creative Development Owner Matt Barnes has been developing his idea of merging two of his passions, marketing and helping non-profits. That idea is now a brand new company, and the newest member of the Rogue family, that we would love to introduce you to…

The Rogue Creatives Foundation.

RCF allows other nonprofits to benefit from the marketing and business strategy we provide at Rogue Creatives through the use of community donations! That way, we’re able to share stories and get the word out on amazing local organizations, so they can continue to fund life-changing programs in their communities.

Over the next few months, we will continue working on the details of the application process for non-profits, events to promote the foundation and so much more! Stay tuned as we’ll have a lot to share in the coming days.

In the meantime, we’ve just begun our LAUNCH CAMPAIGN! With a goal to raise $50,000 by March 31st, we’ll need your help! Every little bit counts! While our 501(c)(3) application is still in process with the IRS, we can take donations now! (All donations will be retroactively tax deductible when our status is approved later this year. Nothing you need to worry about… we’ll get you a year end receipt so you can make sure to get that tax deduction!)

We are so excited to officially announce the launch of The Rogue Creatives Foundation and are can’t wait to move forward with this new direction at Rogue.

Learn more about RCF at