Launching Veracity Real Estate Co.


New client on deck! Meet Veracity Real Estate Co. featuring one of Orange County’s leading experts Wendy Hooper Ross!

Wendy is not your average real estate agent. Using nearly two decades of experience, she places her clients’ needs at the forefront of her business, guiding them to their luxury dream home or through an investment opportunity. Whether someone is looking to buy or sell, her knowledge of real estate trends keeps clients in the know.

We really want to her image and personality to translate through our projects. To give her a totally fresh look, we created a new brand package, complete with the new business name, logo and website. Then, we kicked off her brand with a launch party, organized with an event promotion strategy and marketing materials.

What’s next for Veracity Real Estate Co.? We’ll continue with an extended marketing plan, which will include social media strategy and content creation.

There’s a lot in store for Wendy’s new brand! Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram @roguecreatives.