Tabitha Blessum

Video & Social Media Intern


Tabitha is our summer intern from Vanguard University and the newest member of the Rogue Creative Development team.

When she’s not editing aerial footage, she can usually be found producing music videos and short films with her fellow film school geeks. Her work ranges from abstract punk rock music videos to science fiction narratives to heartwarming documentaries. Tabitha started filmmaking at the local TV station when she was 13 and now has experience in every step of the creative process, including producing, directing, cinematography, editing, and all that’s in between. At the core of it all, she just wants to dig beneath the surface, ask the “why” questions, and tell a good story.

Tabitha grew up in Maui, Hawaii, and is still breaking the habit of coming in to work on “island time.” Most people ask her, “Why on earth would you leave paradise?” and that answer remains unknown. But although she may be far from home, she still carries the aloha spirit wherever she goes. In the past three years, her travels have included time spent in Israel, Australia, and even the far distant land of Arizona. She hopes to continue traveling and crafting beautiful stories until she’s old and gray, and even then she probably won’t stop.