Joselyn Sibole

Public Relations Intern


Joselyn was raised in Banning, a little stagecoach town in Riverside County. She attributes her creative, “think-outside-of-the-box” personality to her constant childhood quest to find fun and excitement. With a love for the cool and unconventional, she enjoys finding enticing ways to share stories. She takes her skills as a creative storyteller and her passion for sharing experiences and combines them into one.

When Joselyn isn’t busy finding new and interesting things and people to engage with, she spends her time in a classroom at Vanguard University. Her desire to connect with those around her and set an example led to her pursuit of a degree in communications. She has a passion for helping others find their strong suits and connecting them with the tools and resources necessary to foster those strengths. Joselyn also enjoys creating photos and videos of her experiences and finding the perfect songs to bring them to life.

Outside of her full-time job as an undergrad student and her part-time job as a barista, you will most likely find Joselyn taking her seventh nap of the day, exhausted from trying not to scare people off with her dark wardrobe and sense of humor. Fear not, though! Her goofy personality and empathetic demeanor allow her to connect and engage with so many.