Hope McGillivray

Graphic Design Intern


Hope is a coffee enthusiast and a devoted lover of the color orange. A Las Vegas native, Hope thrives in the desert climate and sunlit environment – making California’s cloudy and humid days her personal challenge. Her favorite pastimes include sewing and altering clothes, and watching movies. She currently lives in Costa Mesa as an undergraduate student at Vanguard University where she will graduate next spring with a degree in communications. She loves learning, both textbook style and hands on, and is committed to pursuing excellence in all her work and play.

Hope is a practiced graphic designer with experience in both print and digital design. She has done several years of freelance work, in addition to leading her school’s Office of Student Engagement Marketing Team. Hope’s favorite projects are ones that juxtapose creativity and a clear concept, and her favorite part of her job is enjoying the end product. She has a brain that needs to create and a heart that desires to serve.