#InstagramStalker 101

Social media “stalking” is the newest way for anyone to figure out what your brand represents, what you’re selling and how you do it, before even meeting you. Your Instagram and Facebook might be your only chance to impress a possible new customer… kind of like how it’s your new “resume” for potential employers, who are looking at (and let’s be honest, forming an opinion of) your profiles for the type of person or brand that you are.

Whether you are a business owner or someone looking to grow professionally (and show it) on social media platforms, people are looking at your accounts and pages to see who you are and what you represent. That can be a lot of pressure... (we understand that completely!) So we’re sharing with you some practical tips and examples on how to customize your accounts for the people who are interested in becoming your customer or follower!

First off, you must figure out who your target audience is… and hone in on your personality, style, and voice to target that audience. Try thinking of just one specific type of person that would be your most ideal follower. Now create content for that specific person. Do they want to laugh? Do they want to see recipes or tips? Do they want to see inspiration? Whatever it is, make sure you are writing for them and helping them achieve whatever it is they came to you for.

Here are some examples of companies, brands and people, who share their ideas and values on social media in a creative and inviting way. We hope that after reading and applying these tips, your social media channels will be unique, thoughtful and attractive… to the right audience!


Sprouts Farmers Market (@sprouts)


Sprouts is not your average grocery store when it comes to their social media! They know their clients are wanting more than just pictures of their stores, and simple shots of food. Instead they play with color, shapes and fun catchy captions to draw people in from the moment they click onto their profile or post.

Their content includes recipes, re-posted pictures taken by other Instagramers and fans, quality photos of their products, and featured food from their stores. They advertise what they sell, while keeping it entertaining and aesthetically pleasing!

In this particular post, Sprouts talks about an article they wrote about one of their products. One great tool they use in this instance is the way they give their followers a way to interact with the brand. They’re inviting people to engage by asking them to comment on how they personally use coconut oil. This is a great way to connect with the customer and to generate more engagement on your post.

Sprouts also chose a quality photo of their product on a nice white marble backdrop to help draw people in. They even added a little personality with the succulent in the corner… which is very on trend and makes you feel like this could be in your own home!

A final way they really make this post shine is by not ignoring customer/follower questions or thoughts. Even with almost 115,000 followers, they take time to respond which can help build trust, love, and loyalty to the brand or company.


Tips to Remember from Sprouts:

  • Use your products, values, and personality for content

  • Keep followers and customers engaged through interactive and inspirational content

  • Post quality photos that speak to your audience

  • Respond and engage with followers by answering their comments and questions!



Zoe Sugg (@zoella)


Now to take a look at the face that makes a brand… a social media influencer! Influencers get their fame on selling themself! Whether they are trying to get followers to their blog, get jobs from top companies or just to share about their amazing lifestyles… even influencers need to keep a consistent style, voice and tone to reach their customer base.

Zoe Suggs is a top Instagram influencer and writer from the UK! She quickly gained her followers by using social media to promote her lifestyle. She found a way to attract like-minded people by sharing the products, clothing, events, and photos that make up her life! Now she has over 10 million followers on Instagram and over 12 million subscribers on YouTube.

The greatest part of Zoe’s feed is, right away you notice what it’s all about… her life, her friends and the things she loves. Not only are they eye-catching, but notice how most of her photos have her in it! Since her business is her lifestyle, she’s realized that sharing posts of herself get the most engagement and likes. A picture of her face is worth more than a picture of food… (Only works in this case… if you are a restaurant… the more food, the better!)


This post by Zoe is a great example of how she uses social media to draw in her followers by keeping them updated with what she is doing, who she is seeing and what she is wearing! Her caption not only explains what’s going on in the photo (and with personality), but also is a little advertising for the new book she is creating… notice how she ends the caption with “(link to pre order is in my bio)”.


Tips to Remember from Zoe Snugg:

  • Be yourself, whether you are a brand, a person or a company, show YOUR personality

  • Post relevant, eye-catching photos

  • Be in tune with what your followers are liking… and post more of those things

  • Keep followers up-to-date with news about the company or yourself (keeping it real)

  • Write captions with personality and intention



Just remember… we can’t all be Instagram influencers OR super fun grocery stores… but you can show your company, brand or just your awesome self in ways that make people want to follow and interact with you! Basically be your best self. Now go make all your accounts stalker-worthy!