10 Tips for GREAT Phone Photography (for Social Media)

Social Media is one of your biggest opportunities to reach your audience! Everyone is on social media these days… actually about 2.34 Billion people across the world as of 2016 reported to have a social media profile!

So, we want to make sure that your profiles are looking amazing, and that you’re saving time by capturing the best photos you can from your phone! It really isn’t very hard if you know what you’re doing! With a few settings to keep in mind, and a couple best practices to remember, your Instagram will soon be looking like a pro is handling it! The following tips will make sure they always look great!


  1. CLEAN YOUR LENS. A simple wipe with your t-shirt can make a HUGE difference!

  2. USE ONLY THE CAMERA APP. Do not use any other photo app other than your camera on your phone to take the photo. Other apps will bring down the quality.

  3. DON’T TAKE PHOTOS IN THE “SQUARE” FORMAT. It limits your editing… you can always push in later if you need to!

  4. FIND A BACKDROP. Find a nice surface or place the item in the air against a colorful building or the sky to make a backdrop for your product.

  5. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES. Then you can choose the best pic for it’s intended use AND you have extra photos for future use!

  6. DON’T USE HDR! Keep “HDR” setting off.

  7. DON’T ZOOM. You can crop and edit the picture later.

  8. ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT. Just tap your finger on the thing you want to take a picture of to make sure that it is in focus.

  9. DON’T USE FLASH. Use natural lighting as much as possible. Take pictures near a window, with good light or outside. (“Good light” = natural lighting and/or bright, uncolored lights.)

  10. DON’T USE FILTERS. Edit using the different tools in your photo editing app and try to be consistent when editing all of your photos so that they have a similar theme and look.


Congratulations! Now you know how to capture a decent photo on your phone! And, if you need some more help on figuring out your social media best practices, ask us! We’d love to help! Also check out our friends Groom and Style and their tips on “Finding Your Inner Photographer: Making the Most of Your Camera”.

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